Home fires burning

February 19, 2016 | Miscellaneous

Thanks everyone for all the orders and encouragement over what's now been two decades and counting. We're looking forward to some new releases this year. We're also down to a final copy or two of some of the older releases -- if the whirr and whistle of Donald Miller Trio's "Here, Below" interests you, or Spiral Joy Band's deep-meandering "Pleasure is the Headlight," act soon! Best wishes to everyone --

Holiday sale

November 25, 2015 | Miscellaneous

It's been a long time since we had a holiday sale but we're feeling the spirit this year. Until Jan. 1, you can pick up a couple of our Klang Industries LPs -- the Charalambides' mesmerizing "Rose/Thorn" and/or Charlie Parr and Black Twig Pickers' "Glory in the Meeting House" -- at reduced prices.

We're also offering a holiday 7-inch bundle -- order all five four 7-inchers that we presently have available -- that would be the vintage Pelt "Pelt(er)", Pelt's split with Damn Near Red, Black Twig Pickers "Yellow Cat," and Mike & Cara Gangloff's "Durang's Hornpipe/Rake & Rambling Boy" -- at a special price. It's a giveaway and a steal, simultaneously.

(January update: Thanks for the orders! We've modified the bundle and are continuing it past the holidays.)

Best wishes for a great end of 2015, and for all the year(s) ahead --

Knock on Life's Door

September 17, 2015 | Mike & Cara Gangloff

The newest excursion from Mike and Cara takes their music farther than ever, twisting the linkage of timeworn song-language and pure out-sound into a looking glass of future now.

We don't think that there is much like this out there, and we're happy to usher it into the world.

New 7-inch is here

May 1, 2015 | Mike & Cara Gangloff

Long planned and gorgeously presented, Mike & Cara's "Durang's Hornpipe"/"Rake & Rambling Boy" 7-inch is out in the world courtesy of Klang Family friend The Great Pop Supplement label. It's a limited edition of 500, apparently already sold out at the source, but we have some -- dark cherry vinyl, a sleeve decorated with images of Montgomery County landscape, and a home-cooked sound that looks back at the ballads and blowouts origin of the duo music -- a fiddle tune that turns into a slow churn of fiddle/wheel-fiddle improvisation, and droning double vocals that explore an age-old lyric.

Finland and France!

April 8, 2015 | Mike & Cara Gangloff

Mike and Cara are bound across the waters for festivals in Finland and a run of shows in France with the fantastic Trio Puech-Gourdon-Bremaud. Come catch the sounds of strings and reeds and voices humming ominously and joyously running amok, and grab some recordings too -- there is a new 7-inch and cassette, plus copies (while they last) of Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life, and probably some other artifacts of plastic and paper.