Tiny 310


Charter friends of Klang. See www.310.org

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Black Dirt Oak

Street gang of below-and-not-so-below-the-radar toughs choogle out a hailstorm of feathers and...

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Black History Moth

Born of a typo and a desire for unfettered, yet somehow rocking, noise, the moth flings itself on...

Tiny blacktwigpickerssmaller

Black Twig Pickers

Exploring the stringways of our corner of the mountains, eternal one-song and Turkey in the...

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We've been trying to get a Charalambides record released for years. But guess what? We finally...

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Charlie Parr


Tiny att00490

Donald Miller Trio

A conflagration of Donald Miller, Charles Curtis and Michael Schumacher, channeling their LaMonte...

Tiny tree

Dredd Foole And The Din

Pelt members Patrick, Jack and Mike were the ecstatic hired guns called to shoot it out with...

Tiny dscn0253

Gospel Midgets

Gospel Midgets (not to be confused with Gospel Midgets) were post-rock ante...

Tiny jack for klang

Jack Rose

Top shelf steel string strumming and flumming. Ace fingerpicking. Zoner slide hoohaw. Plus...

Tiny klang


Klang (also known as Klang Industries, or Kläng Industries) was founded in Richmond, Virginia in...

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Mike & Cara Gangloff

For recordings, visit us on bandcamp here. KNOCK ON LIFE'S DOOR There’s a particular...

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Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band

more from Mikel at his myspace site and at another site he's set up to handle longer...

Tiny pelt in oporto


Things not directly related to any Klang family artist. Or perhaps related, directly or...

Tiny nathan drums in church

Nathan Bowles

Pounding, paddling, rasping, brushing: full service percussion for all seasons. Plus banjo. And...

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Objects In Mirrors

The first official biography of Gospel Midgets, created with tongue embedded firmly in cheek,...

Tiny patfiddle

Patrick Best

Hatched from a gourd.

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There's talk of new shows and new releases, particularly the Effigy double LP. Check back here...

Tiny att507305


West Coast drone titans drawing instruction from early rocket mystics.

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Ugly Head

Heard in its element, on the small stages and below ground parties where most of the band's...

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Various Artists

Shown below are Klang-affiliated compilations that lasted long enough to make it onto an online...