Objects In Mirrors

The first official biography of Gospel Midgets, created with tongue embedded firmly in cheek, stated that the band was founded in 1981 as a "power pop" outfit (such as was popular at the time) called Objects In Mirrors. According to the story, they released one LP, Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear, which quickly went out of print, but was later re-issued as an obscure Czech bootleg following the Velvet Revolution. An earlier edition of the Klang web site contemplated a twentieth anniversary re-release in 2001, but the general slowdown in Klang releases (as well as the fact that the record never actually existed) prevented this.

In modern Klang usage, Objects In Mirrors is our test subject, much like a laboratory rat or Buster from MythBusters, used for testing features of this site. It is also kind of our Alan Smithee, a name to which ill-fated projects from which we want to disassociate ourselves can be attached. For instance, the short-lived and now defunct "Remote Listening" podcast series was credited to Objects In Mirrors.

ThE oRigiN and SigNificaNce of thE pRacTicE oF PosTiNg PicTuReS oF pAnts On ThIs paGe iS oBscuRe.

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