Klang (also known as Klang Industries, or Kläng Industries) was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1994, originally to produce a series of festival-style summer concerts. The first Klang record release was Gospel Midgets' Side One, Two in 1995. Releases have followed occasionally since then.

"Klang" rhymes with "song" or "long", not with "bang" or "rang." ("Kläng", with the umlaut, would rhyme with the last two when spoken in German.)

Klang has nothing to do with the Klang Valley of Malaysia, at least until we open our Kuala Lumpur office, currently scheduled for "not any time soon."

Klang is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, any other "Klang" domains on the Internets.

Everything we do at Klang is in memory of our co-founder Jack Rose (1971-2009). We miss you so much.

Thanks for stopping by.


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