Gospel Midgets

Gospel Midgets (not to be confused with Gospel Midgets) were post-rock ante litteram---pre-post-rock, if you will. The group existed a few levels below the fecund Richmond rock scene of the 90s, but still employed people who had played with Pelt, Ugly Head, Kingdom Scum, and Friendly. Putting aside the traditional structures of indie rock music, the quartet instead unwittingly channeled influences ranging from John Cage to LaMonte Young to Lee "Scratch" Perry into a sort of shapeless, formless, yet very much present type of noise---not bassy enough to be dub, not distant enough to be ambient, not regimented enough to be rock and not beboppy enough to be bop. Day jobs, higher education, and the waxing crescent that was then Pelt kept the Midgets' output minimal; following an appearance at the inaugural Klang festival in 1994, and a reunion at Harrisonburg's Toaster Museum in 1995, the Midgets did not play again for eight years, until a short, more beat-oriented opening set for Pelt in Baltimore in 2003. Their sole recorded output remains Side One, Two, recorded in a Richmond basement on New Year's Eve 1994, and "Toaster Museum", an excerpt of the 1995 show on the Umlautted V comp. There also was a cassette titled "Outer Space High School Fight Song," a tape of the 1994 show, floating around, but it's not clear if it was ever duplicated or that anyone associated with Klang kept a copy. There are no definitive future plans for the Midgets at this time, but keep your eyes open, as they occasionally dress as Knights of Columbus and infiltrate local parades.

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