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Donald Miller Trio

Here Below

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Those of you lucky enough to spot Borbetomagus guitarist Donald Miller stepping out with Michael Schumacher on the Flood CD (Warpodisc) should have an idea about the kind of dream onslaught they can unleash. On this, the first release from the trio, Miller and Schumacher are joined by Charles Curtis in a live recording that catches them channeling their LaMonte Young associations into an entire alternate universe of stupefying beauty. But don't take our word for it... Bananafish would like you to know that it's "frickin' dyno... a live recording of Miller, Schumacher and Curtis suffocating underneath their own slumber of mucus and down. Three cheers for gargantuan deep-sea geese laying luminous eggs like bathospheric fax machines and tremendous moans fusing and dividing as if transmitting through a poly-faceted eyeball!" And Bruce Russell, writing in Opprobrium Online calls it "something to knock me off my perch. This LP is, quite simply, a bloody cracker.... Great recording, brilliant playing, another group that deserves instant fame..." And you just don't get that type of press everyday... There are 500 of these, the largest pressing of any Klang document. Covers are hand-done. Still in print, though running into shorter and shorter supply. Down to the dozens, as the saying goes. (Ed. note: As of this writing, there is a single copy of this release left in our stock) Take these sounds off our shelf and into your heart, or at least onto your stereo. Klang No. 4