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Brown Cyclopedia


Brown Cyclopedia

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The backwoods of Virginia are home to a large number of toothless, inbred freaks, or so some people would have you believe. The truth is, Virginia is really the native habitat of toothless freaky rock bands! A revelation! Pelt represent the outermost faction of the new VA ROCK (see Labradford, Gospel Midgets, Wingtip Sloat, Rake, etc). Blending improvisation with composition, lo-fi with clearly rendered detail, and the brute force of white noise with sullen beauty, Pelt have it all, as they say...On Brown Cyclopaedia, Pelt distill the most worthy influences of the recent generation of obscure rockers down to the best of the best and add a healthy dose of own isolation-honed touch. Songs ring with simple vocals and expressive guitar playing, like the best from the NZ/Xpressway scene. Careful soundscapes emerge from a dense fog of guitar and horn noise. Middle-eastern sounding drones are conjured from a trio of guitars and a wordless vocal. Brown Cyclopaedia was originally issued as a dbl LP in mid-1995 on the band's own Radioactive Rat label. Sadly, the pressing was limited to 300 and most copies were given away. We are proud to make this fine record available to the deserving masses. The CD features the complete program of both LP's, along with great new watercolor artwork by Christina Carter and disc art by Amy Shea (as opposed to the non-art of the LP version). The sound on the CD is much improved - the LP sounded like it was pressed on recycled racquetballs. 14 tracks, 75 mins.