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Max Meadows


Max Meadows

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Max Meadows is the third full-length release by Virginia trio Pelt. Recorded all over the place in studio, rehearsal, and live settings, Max Meadows combines the jaw-dropping downer song-craft heard on the Brown Cyclopaedia CD with the free-formisms heard on the follow-up burning/filament/rockets CD (on Econogold). Using a wide variety of unusual instruments, including those of their own design, Pelt create soundscapes that are a step removed from the current generation of "post-rockers." "Outside Listening" and "Sun Is Standing" send out lengthy waves of bliss via electric guitar, proving that music can be both ethereal and gritty at the same time. "Hippy War Machine" organizes the mass percussion heard on those old Amon Duul LP's (that everyone seems to suddenly like) and backs it with a powerful drone. "Dismal Falls" serves as a fitting coda to such an exhaustive listen, with its eerie, melodic banjo and bowed cymbals. 7 tracks, 74 Minutes.