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Pelt's mix of traditional (acoustic instruments, folk/ethnic music traditions) and contemporary (about 1 million super-weird noise and avant-garde records) reaches a new peak on Técheöd (supposedly pronounced "Tey-hoood" - corrections welcome). Using tamboura, guitar, violin, tabla, banjo, flute, lap steel, oscillator, voice, organ, and a variety of other instruments both conventional and home-made, Pelt issue forth a massive and extraordinary gust of sound. A logical follow up to 1997's well received Max Meadows CD, Técheöd captures the band at home in their living room, and live in Washington DC. "New Dehli Blues" leads off the record with 14 minutes of ecstatic indian-inspired modal trance. "Big Walker Mountain Tunnel" follows with its massive wall of sound tempered by a carefully stiched melodic motif. "Mu Mesons" finishes off the record with a home-cooking version of the type of tape-loop exotica explored by composers like Terry Riley and Steve Reich. 3 tracks, 52 mins.