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Rob's Choice


Rob's Choice

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Surprise and sudden release of this previously unplanned live CD, hand selected by west-coast mystic Rob Vaughn, just in time for Pelt's summer 2000 tour. Recorded in New Orleans and Austin on the band's monumental spring 1998 tour (which yielded their masterpiece Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky), Rob's Choice gives you a listen to 2 nearly complete performances, both superb expressions of the band's higher ground drone myth expansion and contraction, uh, that is to say it wails, and who doesn't love that Lowrey tube organ? Plus, there's the very special addition of Tom Carter (Charalambides) on sax and time-lag accumulator on the Austin performance. This thing was supposed to be a CDR, but it's so good, and @($*&(*&, who has time to copy all of those CDR's anyway? 3 tracks, 65 minutes. Edition of 500.