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Skullfuck/Bestio Tergum Degero


Skullfuck/Bestio Tergum Degero

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Limited edition live CD released for the band to sell on their 2006 European tour. Contrary to the Grateful Dead reference in the title, "Skullfuck" is a tight recording of a single, intense November 2005 performance from NYC's Knitting Factory. The set begins with an epic group arrangement of Jack Rose's "Calais To Dover," (from his Kensington Blues LP) with Jack's 12 string shadowed by Mike Gangloff's fiddle, and the thick drone of Mikel Dimmick and Pat Best's Harmonium and Sruti's. The three part "Bestio" suite follows, with the group moving to Tibetan bowls and gongs, building up a huge sheet of sound which peaks in a brief "encore" of wild gong smashing. In gatefold "eco-wallet." Limited...