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We found some of these when our vinyl-aware gerbils did inventory recently. This is a split 7" issued by Virginia Tech's WUVT-FM in 1997. The Pelt side is a slice of live action recorded in Morgantown, W.Va., and titled “Monorail" after the cool WVU transport loop that we'd sit up after shows at the old Nyabinghi and watch, drinking and hoping something really odd would float by in those glowing bubbles. It's covers an otherwise undocumented period in the band's history, when Patrick was looping the heavy sounds of the bass resonator, Jack was deeply involved with shenai and organ, and Mike was working out new guitar tunings every night, then playing the thing with a mallet. The Soma 77 side is a nice whoosh of (yet more) loops and (unheavy) beats, the sort of one-man lounge action that we wish more of the sampler crowd was hip to. The original covers are long lost, so as a bonus, you'll get an alternate version of the Pelt/Harry Pussy Black Florida sleeve sprayed with small arms fire back when that record was current, and more recently decorated by our children. Quantities, both children and records, are limited.