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Long-, long-, long-, loooooong-awaited and singular entry in the Charalambides and Klang Industries discographies; one of those "does it really exist?" items that's finally seeing daylight, or moonlight. A stark, unsettling and beautiful slice of duo Charlambides invocation / incantation, taken from the period between Jason Bill and Heather Leigh Murray's tenures with the band and featuring extraordinary chord organ and vocal work from Christina and some signature lap steel mastery from Tom. Fans of the band's most recent, more song-based work will find this relevatory, long-time listeners will say "ahhhh" and settle in for the flight. Heavy vinyl (way heavier than all Klang vinyl to date, combined), limited pressing, cover handiwork by Tom, the first release in years from Klang Industries and a sign perhaps of a truly epic revival.

And from Wholly Other: Long-awaited Klang debut of Charalambides. This record has been brewing since 2000, and is now finally available under the auspices of Eclipse/Klang. Two side-long improvisations in much the same vein as IN CR EA SE, a bit more topographical perhaps, but still horizontally serene and horizonless. chord organ, lap steel, vocals.