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Dauphin Elegies


Dauphin Elegies

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First new Pelt cd in a couple years, chronicling outer and inner orbit voyaging and featuring Patrick Best, Mikel Dimmick and Mike Gangloff on duo harmoniums, portacello, fiddle, gongs, bowls, New Jupiter Machine and more, with Nathan "Sean" Bowles guesting on bass on one song. Recorded at home in Ironto and in one of the Falls Ridge caves. Songs: Waning Crescent, Fire Signs Along the Field, Cast Out on Deep Waters, Crown of Comets.

"First new studio recordings from Pelt in 3 years finds them picking up where 2005’s Untitled CD left off – delivering massive slabs of heavy, all-acoustic drone action. “Waning Crescent” is an ominous workout for three large gongs, rich with overtones and subsonic rumble. “Fire Signs Along the Field” offers a slightly jarring quartet of spare string noise, with Nathan Bowles (Black Twigs, Spiral Joy Band) sitting in on double bass. “Cast Out to Deep Waters” is an immense 30 minute epic that fits into the archetypical classics in the Pelt canon, in the vein of “Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky” and Untitled’s “I.” The all too brief “Crown of Comets” closes the CD with the chiming, overlapping ring of bells recorded in Virginia’s Falls Ridge caves. In card folio." -- VHF Records