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Pleasure is the Headlight

Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band

Pleasure is the Headlight

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We're really, really happy this is finally, finally seeing the light of day, or any light at all --- a long-delayed installment in the long-term vision of 24 hours of joy --- an early and particularly oceanic gong voyage gives way to electro and acoustic simmering, then an into-nowhere interjection of further metallophones, and finally the ship meets the ocean itself, where harmony, of a higher sort, ensues.

"This double LP set features recordings from two eras of the Spiral Joy Band. The first is from 2005, the second 2007. A cacophony of gongs, bowls, bells, chimes, electronics, fiddle, bowed cymbals, esraj, harmonium, srutiand electronics played by Mikel Dimmik, Michael Gangloff, Amy Shea and Nathan Bowles, along with a guest or two, here and there. "Pleasure Is The Headlight" features 5 tracks in total spread over 4 sides. The first three being long trance inducing meditations recorded in Blacksburg and Ironto. The fourth side features unique recordings, the first is a solo wind chime performance recorded in a gift shop, featuring the murmur of confused patrons and what is likely some truly wonderful AM radio piped in over the store's stereo system. The second track is a slow hazy day at the beach, with gongs, seagulls, and the gentle roar of the ocean. Pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and limited to about 400 copies, this album comes in a custom gatefold jacket with letter pressed cover art and silk screened inside art."