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Glory in the Meeting House

Black Twig Pickers and Charlie Parr

Glory in the Meeting House

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Full-length all-gospel nearly-all-one-evening recording from Duluth blues shouter/singer-songsmith/resonator killer Charlie Parr and Southwest Virginia (and now, South West Virginia) old-timey thugs Black Twig Pickers plus Amy Shea. Sanctified set includes group shout-alongs, solo resonator and solo fiddle musings, and all manner of string/washboard/harmonica/tambourine/more combinations. Standout tracks...........hey, they're *all* standout tracks. Although, please note that Charlie's "Where You Gonna Be?" was also on the Great Pop Supplement's fall 2010 UK tour 7-inch. Issued by House of Mercy, the label for the Minnesota church of the same name. We thank you.

Note that the cd is now in its second pressing, with slightly different packaging but the same cover art and music.