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2xLP Featured Limited quantities

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***BACK IN STOCK, LIMITED QUANTITIES -- second pressing with a slightly different color scheme to Jake's eye-searing artwork.  don't sleep on this one!***

First new Pelt in a long while and quite a stunner, both in musical content and top-grade production and packaging. Recorded by the quartet of Mike, Patrick, Mikel and Nathan in an opera-house-turned-yoga-studio in Mount Horeb, Wis., and a decommissioned synagogue called the Gates of Heaven in Madison, Effigy is a step forward from past epic blowouts and a re-affirming of group mind. Chiming metal, wrenched strings and bellows-driven reeds, plus piano, make for an all-acoustic, homegrown symphony of heavy drone and wild freedom. And Jake Blanchard's art graces the gatefold with eye-singeing splendor. You probably need five of these. Thank you MIE Music for releasing this! We are offering only the double vinyl version of Effigy. If you would like a download version, there is one here.