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Gunn-Gangloff "Melodies for a Savage Fix" LP

Mike & Cara Gangloff

Gunn-Gangloff "Melodies for a Savage Fix" LP

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End of winter Floyd County farmhouse all-nighter between NY-Philly guitarslinger Steve Gunn (6- and 12-string acoustic axes) and Virginia multi-instrumentalist Mike Gangloff (esraj, gongs, shruti box, singing bowl, tanpura, banjo) cranks up a serious slow-burner, with layers of melody and texture peeling off like paint on a windowsill and floating heaven-ward. Gunn is a monster, playing finger-picked flurries that sound like two or three guitarists playing at once, while Gangloff moves from one instrument to another, from foreground to background, shaping and summoning and elevating the music ever higher. Joebass sits in on his namesake on a tune. No overdubs, no studio trickery, just a focused musical exploration that moves through an assortment of moods and sounds as it reaches outward and upward. Limited vinyl edition from Important Records.