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Durang's Hornpipe/Rake & Rambling Boy

Mike & Cara Gangloff

Durang's Hornpipe/Rake & Rambling Boy

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UK-based Great Pop Supplement issues a two-sided, cherry-red 7-inch vinyl slice of Mike & Cara's music -- one side with fiddle and wheel fiddle tangling and improvising, one side with duo vocals weaving over a bed of sruti box: "Enthralled by rustic drone abstractions the twosome take two traditionals into austere yet hypnotising realms; through the near-atonal wordless fiddle and wheel fiddle meshing of “Durang‘s Hornpipe” on the A-side and the minimalist harmonies and acoustic whirring of “Rake & Rambling Boy” on the flip.  Whilst new converts to The Black Twig Pickers on the back of the recent revelatory collaboration with Steve Gunn (the sublime Seasonal Hire on Thrill Jockey) will find it a tougher listen in comparison, it’s clear that old time American folk experimentation is a wide and fertile field to plough-up." Edition of 500, apparently already sold out at source, wrapped in a sleeve of richly saturated photos of the Gangloff's home landscape.