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Knock on Life's Door

Mike & Cara Gangloff

Knock on Life's Door

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When an orchestra of players gathered earlier this year, the route was crystal clear but the destination very much unknown -- at the heart of this collection are classic songs that Cara started singing when she was a girl, mostly tunes from the 1930s and '40s and before, rendered here as sweeping, sonic fantasias with whirlpools of massed acoustic strings and percussion, glints of brass and woodwinds.

"This is a record of love, of friends who came together to play songs Cara has sung since girlhood, to explore a new group sound, to create. Cara sang the lead parts (co-lead on Cry Me a River) arranged the singing, and cooked the food; Mike played strings and percussion and a flute and led the band. Joining in was the Great American Drone Orchestra: Sharon Stacy, Charlie Andersen, Matt Peyton, Sonya Austin, Joe Dejarnette, Sally Anne Morgan, Isak Howell, Scott Prouty, Anne Hartman, Tatsuya Nakatani, Nathan Bowles, Michelle Dove, Reilly Stacy Blackwell, Abriel Stacy Blackwell and Willa Shea-Gangloff."

"Knock on Life's Door" continues Mike & Cara's partnership with cover artist Jake Blanchard, who wraps this cd in one of his trans-dimensional creations. A vinyl edition of the album is in the works, but won't be available until spring-summer 2016.