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Seven-inch Bundle

Various Artists

Seven-inch Bundle

7" Out of stock

Our 7-inch bundle began as a holiday special and proved popular enough that we'll continue it for folks who want to fill in their Klang Industries shelf.

The bundle is all four 7-inch records that are now in stock,specially priced together -- for $15, we'll send Mike & Cara Gangloff's "Durang's Hornpipe/Rake & Rambling Boy" (Great Pop Supplement); Black Twig Pickers' "Yellow Cat" (Thrill Jockey); the Pelt/Damn Near Red split (Klang Industries/Transdominion); and Pelt's "Pelt(er)" (Klang Industries).

The $15 price includes shipping in the USA; overseas friends email us and we'll figure out your postage.

(Ed. note: The Pelt/Soma 77 "Monorail/Paper Elviss" split (WUVT) is shown in the picture but has gone out of stock and is no longer part of the bundle. The price has been adjusted accordingly. Also, the bonus 7-inches that we were including with orders have run out.)