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Pelt: Effigy

MIE Music present Pelt's ecstatic outer-folk invocation 'Effigy', their first LP in three years, and, from the sounds of it, one of their best to date. Recorded live in a summer 2011 in an old yoga studio in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and a decommissioned synagogue called the Gates of Heaven in nearby Madison, it's an epic sprawl of entirely acoustic recordings capturing the pioneering group divining esoteric journeys across mountainous, ancient terrain of cascading string dissonance, wheezing harmonium, plangent flute, cavity-vibrating chant and purposeful percussions billowing out in all directions. The record is testament to the ancient, animal shaped mounds called 'Effigy Mounds' of unknown provenance which are scattered around Madison, Wisconsin. Much like the mounds, Pelt's music instils an arcane awe and wonder to their witnesses, connecting with something much greater than themselves or the sum of their parts by dint of crude skill and will; they're vital, monolithic reminders of man's capacity for feats beyond simple cognition, yet somehow connect instinctively with a primal, psychedelic urge. If you've ever been in awe of Pelt's late, great Jack Rose, felt yourself ascending during a Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, or enraptured by Richard Youngs, this is highly recommended to you.

-- Boomkat