Small seasonal hire

Black Twig Pickers: Seasonal Hire CD

Small seasonal hire

Black Twig Pickers: Seasonal Hire

8/10 We'll take them on full-time

It's early yet but we're going to go ahead and declare that "Trailways Ramble" has the best jawharp solo you are going to hear in 2015. Sure, there's not a lot of competition, but there aren't a lot of collaborations like the one between avant-garde guitarist and experimental traditionalists Black Twig Pickers either. These are rare birds, and they need to be documented, diagrammed and studied.

With one foot in the ether and one foot in the dirt, Gunn and the Pickers create haunting, reverential, and dissonant portraits of the bizarre American music that lays beyond pallid marketing schemes like "Americana." Oddly familar and familiarly odd, Seasonal Hire is a challenging and progressive counterpoint to staid and fallow takes on folk music that have been crapping up the airwaves -- and our news feeds -- in recent years.

-- Sean L. Maloney, Magnet