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Pelt: Rob's Choice

How can one possibly explain where Pelt's eternal music comes from? As I see things, their massive and remarkable sandstorm of soundmight originate from two possible sources. Either it comes directly fromsome sort of higher power or, and this is even more farfetched, it's the product of three incredibly gifted and daring Virginians coming together and somehow persuading each other to try to transcend all barriers and borders created to stop us all from going insane, or in another words to "transcend the bullshit".

"Rob's Choice" was hand-selected by west-coast mystic Rob Vaughn out of numerous recordings from Pelt's 1998 US tour,and no one can question the man's taste. The album consists of three lengthy multi-layered tracks which hold hallucinogenic qualities far beyond the exceptional. It's packed with dark, foreboding instrumental images serving as portraits of, or windows to, some kind of higher spiritual plane. The slowly unfolded, meandering overtones weave in andout of your psyche with chilling ease, making this an ethereal and frightening journey at the same time. Imagine looking over on the other side and seeing those things you've always been curious about but were afraid to confront. Haunting things, things that you probably would have lived happier never knowing of in the first place. That's how mind-altering it can be to let Pelt's layer upon layer of droning psychedelia access your mind and soul. I kind of understand the hostile guy in Montana that screamed to the band after a show that "it was wrong to preach to him and telling him God's words".

I can't guarantee that "Rob's Choice" will have the same effect on you, but I can promise that it will not leave you untouched. Just how good is this album? Well, lets just say that I might like this one even more than last year's phenomenal "Empty Balls Ringing In the Sky". That alone should tell you what you need to do.

-- Mats Gustafsson,  The Broken Face Issue #10