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Pelt: (untitled)

Every now and then you come across a band that you instantly know will change the way you look upon music. The first time I heard Virginia trio (on this release they're actually a quartet) Pelt back in the late '90s was such a moment. Pelt's output from the last ten years or so has left some of the most distinctively out there aural vapor trails it's been my pleasure to hear and every new disc that wears their name seems to shine a light on yet another side of their always changing, challenging and expanding musical repertoire. When Pelt fans sooner or later will look back on an amazing career I am pretty sure that (Untitled) will be considered one of the classic albums.

(Untitled) is an album that in terms of feel takes us back to the slowly unfolded, meandering overtones of Empty Bells Ringing in the Sky. Dense clusters of heavily droning and slowly bowed strings and majestic gong kicks off the album, and after letting this one into your skull there's simply no way back. The 32 minutes long second track starts quietly with meandering guitar lines from Jack Rose, but as things progress and instruments are added to the mix everything transforms into something a lot more haunting, intoxicated and amorphous. Track three is possibly the most challenging piece on the record with its sky-high ringing tones bending up and out and around your head, but it's also the thing I like the most here. The resonating guitar work and the gritty mantras of aurally demanding drones are simply superb and I can't think of any drone piece that has had such an emotional effect on me this year. That actually goes for the entire album which finds these cats at their absolute best and that is indeed saying a lot. (Untitled) is an incredibly dark and threatening two-headed aural monster that'll keep you awake long after the lights have gone out.

-- Mats Gustafsson

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