Small 36

Pelt: Pearls From The River

Massive "drone" effects for a massive meditative album. The "prepared" acoustic, modal guitar of Jack Rose resonates on circular motifs and minimalist sound patterns. Three long sustained improvisations have been recorded. It's rather simplistic in form but it hides a lot of colourful, rich experiments notably due to sound manipulations, "mobile" textures of "loops" and strings arrangements. I really love this music because it takes me back to the powerful "mantra" like effects on the psyche, provided by grandiose avant garde albums as "Slapping Pythagoras" (Tony Conrad) or "Locus Music" (Henry Flynt). Beautiful, "Ecstatic", timeless and most of all strictly acoustic in structure. For those who like the game of repetition, drone sequences, low-fi expression and post rock inventions, this one is definitely for you. Among the most accomplished psych / progressive efforts by Pelt.

-- Phillipe Blache (content development and Krautrock team)