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Charalambides: Rose/Thorn

Blissful Klang Industries vinyl issue of two vintage side-long improvisations performed by Christina and Tom Carter as a duo. Far removed from their more recent song-shaped enters, the pieces here (recorded in 2000) strive for a different kind of goal, stretching out exquisitely complex organic drone tones that draw on organ, various sustaining (bowed?) instruments and a line in supremely elegant pedal steel glissando whose esoteric delights are matched only by Christina's unceasingly remarkable voice. The interweaving microtones shift around with an intricate harmonic nuance, Tom's slowly morphing guitar strings vibrating with a beautiful motion blur effect while organ chords stretch out into the horizon and wordless utterances float around the ether. There's not a great deal of value in further describing what this sounds like, just flick through the Jukebox samples Buy while it's still around.