Toward Gysin prophecy, or stupid fun with translators

December 15, 2006 | Pelt

Discussion with the members of the fantastic group-UFO originating in the New Jersey, it was a group of college, people took down their diplomas, or became pilots of motor bike of race and went from front, which arrived at a type. In the truth, the Pelt had shown to live immense of the tibetanas goblets that had arrived to be almost alone for itself responsible for a long composition of hipnótico effect. The certain height were four goblets, in the four hands of the four musicians. The day before the one in these concerts, the remainder of Pelt left the group. I was the last survivor of the group. Thus I required for musicians to play these concerts, I had the impression that there was so much implied money that it was necessary that I do them. (laughter) The launching of a register without heading had headed to the House of Music in undertow, but, as it was possible to perceive in the end in the record board, the tramway-car functions in constant movement and is multiplied in sufficient launchings. Booked for a college deprived in the state of New York, beginning a long improvisation of what we call the “Eastern yodel.” It looks to the purificação – far from the technology – and a espiritualidade that if feels to each moment.