Thanks, and Black Twigs Sept. 8

September 7, 2007 | Miscellaneous

Thanks to all who took part in the XYZ freedom flight with Jakob and Sus and the Spiral Joy Band. "Welcome Traveler" indeed. Jakob played what sounded like the entire "Moonlight Farm" album, he and Sus did a great duo improv that wandered through fancy zither picking, free yelps and hoots, bits of percussion and Sus' skilled flute and Danish horn manipulations. Pat Lawrence came up from Greensboro to add his bass to the Spiral Joy sound -- result across the course of 2 sets was one of the most rhythmically and melodically focussed joy outings ever. And a full gallery crowd came out early and endured sauna-style conditions until the end. Let's do it again sometime. And having finally finished recording the new album, Black Twig Pickers bring the string and board ruckus to the Cellar in Blacksburg on Saturday, Sept. 8.