Of farms and their keepers

November 7, 2007 | Miscellaneous

A quick note from farmscene.org: Creative work from the Wenger and Travianna farms in Floyd County, Virginia, is being spotlighted this month by [farmscene.org](http://www.farmscene.org) and the Traces library for creative literacy. Land stewards at these two family farms strive to produce food and living supplies without relying on inappropriate and harmful farming technologies. They also implement land and water use strategies which are designed to protect and enhance, rather than desecrate and spoil, the biological and cultural resources already in place in the Southwestern Virginia communities where they reside. During November, a number of venues in Virginia’s New River Valley will highlight the creative wealth that is produced by folks who work the land at these two farms. This Monday, a farm art show began at the Gillie’s restaurant in downtown Blacksburg with an exhibit of oil paintings by Howard Wenger on display until Nov. 17. This collection of work offers dream-like views of the hills, farmlands, and creatures of Floyd County. Howard’s grandson, also a skilled artist and farm steward, is represented in this exhibit as well. In addition to the weekly old-time jam at Gillie’s, an art reception will take place to celebrate this exhibit at 8 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 13. This is a free event, and all are welcome. On Sunday, Nov. 11, Travianna Farm steward A’Court Bason will share his art and music with the public at Oddfella’s Cantina in Floyd. A gifted visionary painter, poet, musician and artisan, A’Court Bason uses his artistic abilities to interpret and share the information he “reads” from the natural world. Artwork by A’Court Bason will be on display at the Cantina during the month of November. To learn more about some of the other art, music, and land care awareness events being spotlighted by the Traces library during the month of November 2007, please visit [traceslibrary.net](http://www.traceslibrary.net). Persons who wish to learn more about A’Court Bason are encouraged to visit [travianna.com](http://www.travianna.com). Folks who wish to learn more about Howard Wenger can view his work at the Hill cane arts collective website at [hillcane.org](http://www.hillcane.org). And if nothing else, read the [goat diary](http://www.waterfrontontheweb.com/farmscene/mojo.htm)