Great big '08, great big '08

January 1, 2008 | Miscellaneous

Best wishes for the new year, all. If you're still intrigued by the Spiral Joy Band's '07 releases, we've got a few copies left of the Sloow Tapes "Dreams of David Crosby" release, plus some of the Soopa "Pores in the Porch and Puddles Beneath" cd. And of course the VHF opus "Wake of the Dying Sun King." And maybe one copy left of the "Floating Seer" cdr. It's been a busy year Spiral Joy release-wise. Help us clear the shelves, because a new 2xLP that ranks with any of them is on the way. Other hoped-for '08 output: new Black Twigs "Hobo Handshake" cd on VHF has a March release date; Tequila Sunrise is putting out a Jack Rose 2xcd that has some Black Twigs among Dr. Ragtime's pals; there may be some new Pelt recordings let go as well. And in the realm of text, Nathan's Sun Ra manuscript may be completed to the point where we can post it. Watch this space is the place, as they say. --;lakdjf