New CD out now

June 4, 2008 | Pelt

Brand new Pelt cd, first in a couple years, is out on VHF, just in time for the band's appearance at the Terrastock fest in Louisville, Ky., in a couple weeks, and we couldn't be happier with how it came out. A four-part chronicle of inner and outer orbit voyaging, "Dauphin Elegies" is both ecstatic lament and celebration of past and future now, rendered on an assortment of struck, stirred and blown metal and strings. A song-by-song breakdown: "Waning Crescent" is the next chapter of Pelt's ongoing gong explorations and "Cast Out on Deep Waters" is perhaps the most realized (and played on acoustic instruments, no less) outpouring of a particular strain of Pelt music that reaches back to at least the "Absolution"/"Almighty" of more than a decade ago. "Fire Signs Along the Field," a quartet piece for fiddle, portacello, harmonium and bass (played by guest Nathan "Sean" Bowles), shrieks and twists into a new corner of the Pelt atlas, as does the recorded-in-a-cave chiming of "Crown of Comets." Coming soon from Ecstatic Peace or one of its offshoots is a companion LP of completely different material recorded during the "Elegies" sessions.