June 19, 2008 | Miscellaneous

hey all -- we're off to Terrastock, with a stack of new recordings to stock the Klang Industries merch table (a first, I think, having a table). We'll update the catalog here when we return, and post some more details, but here's some of what we've got: the new Pelt cd detailed below and maybe the LP too; a brand new Spiral Joy Band cdr titled "Open, Mother, and Let Me In, the Town is Burning" which contains the entirety of a recent Blacksburg quartet performance; a new Spiral Joy Band double LP, the long-awaited "Pleasure is the Headlight," which sports a fantastic deluxe gatefold cover with art by Emily Keown and wide-ranging music that we're really happy with (unfortunately, this record also suffers from pressing problems -- some copies are way crackly, others less so -- we'll probably post this music online as wavs and high bit rate mp3s or something, or put cdrs in with the lps...still sorting out what to do about this...word from Jack is: "I've heard worse." Argh.); and a new Jack Rose & Black Twigs 7-inch ("Revolt"/"Soft Steel Piston") featuring for the first time recordings of Jack with all 3 Black Twigs rampaging on a Rose original and a Sylvester Weaver classic. Jack will be joining us at the merch table with lots of his wares too. And we'll have the very last copies of the "Keyhole II" double LP and "Oastem Vibe Orchestra/United Supreme Council" LP. And more. Alright, that's it for now. Hope to see you in Louisville; will post more info here soon.