Nansemond in stock! (Ed. note Dec. 22: and very quickly, back out of stock)

December 3, 2014 | Nathan Bowles

We've got a very few LP and CD copies of Nathan Bowles' new "Nansemond" in stock. Named for the swampy Southeast Virginia locale where Nathan grew up, Nansemond is a head-first dive into murky water, followed by a sliding run down muddy trails -- smooth and jaunty clawhammer banjo, subliminal piano, wiry guitar runs from Tom Carter and Joseph Dejarnette, rampaging fiddle from Steve Kruger, a couple vocal exclamations amid shape-shifting instrumentals: This is the sound of kaleidoscoping memory colliding with the exhilaration of now, a messy tangle wrestled down and squeezed into microscopic grooves for your listening transfixiation. (Ed. note, Dec. 22: Well, those certainly disappeared quickly)