Best wishes for the holidays, on to the new year --

December 22, 2014 | Miscellaneous

Thanks for a great year, everyone, and best wishes for the new year. 2015 is looking exciting here at Klang Industries, with an array of new recordings and new possibilities -- and some new live excursions as well -- on the horizon. Stay tuned for news as prospects edge into reality.

And up until midnight on Dec. 31 we're continuing our 20-times-around-old-Sol sale: Get more than one cd or lp and take $5 off your order's total price; and if your order includes either the Charlambides' remarkable "Rose/Thorn" or the Charlie Parr & Black Twig Pickers "Glory in the Meeting House," take $5 off. So if you order both Rose/Thorn and Glory, you'd pay $30 instead of $40. Our automated order system will send you an email with the non-discounted amount -- go ahead and subtract your sale discount and Paypal us at If you send the wrong amount, we'll let you know.

Overseas friends get the discount too, but we still need to work out your postage, like always.

Thanks for sticking with us.