New Pelt release

July 13, 2005 | Pelt

Pelt's new (untitled) album is out now from VHF and is available from all the usual suspects, including this website (should be listed in the catalog section momentarily, I hope). Recorded in two days last December in Philadelphia, it's a rougher ride than most of the Pelt outings of the past couple years: more like what the band was playing in Scotland, Chicago and New York last year, say, than the spring 2004 European shows or the 2002-03 ventures. Like Pelt's previous VHF release, 2003's "Pearls From the River," this one's completely recorded at home (Jack and Laurie's home, in this case) rather than the live settings of much of the previously issued material. No overdubs, all acoustic instrumentation (save for a small amp for the esraj), and the first proper album to feature the playing of frequent recorder and "fourth Pelt" Mikel Dimmick. And speaking of the 2004 European shows (source of both the "Capsized Moment" and "Heraldic Beasts" cdrs), here's a link to some great photos from the K-raa-k festival in Belgium showing, among many others, Pelt, Charalambides (the festival's champions, to my ears), Wolf Eyes (also champs) and Noxagt: Enjoy, -- adlkfj