On releases

July 27, 2005 | Pelt

Hello, all: Just a quick note to say that we're down to fewer than 10 copies of Pelt's burning/filament/rockets album. This cd was a summer of 1995 effort recorded largely in the Ugly Head basement that documented the band's move into more fully realized improvisational territory (though the opener, "ashram," retained the riff-age that characterized some of the Pelt/Ugly Head earlier work). There's also some live material from the old Nyabinghi Dance Hall in Morgantown, W.Va., where Pelt played a number of shows, including a memorable night with Bailter Space that included Alister joining Pelt to play drums on a version of "Secret Grudge Matches." But that's not on b/f/r and I digress... Oddly, there's been a mention just in the past couple days of a West Coast label reissuing b/f/r -- no idea yet if or when this'll happen, so these seven (or thereabouts) copies may be the end of it. On a related topic: Pelt's Pearls From the River and Ayahuasca albums have been repressed by VHF in recent months after the initial runs sold out (thanks, all!). We don't have any at the moment, but plenty are out there. While klang.org is out of stock on many Pelt and related titles, some remain available at places like www.vhfrecords.com, www.eclipse-records.com, www.midheaven.com, and better bricks and mortar establishments. Please try there and if you feel like it, tell them we sent you. --;alksdjf