Hittin' the blacktop, tarmac, whatever

September 2, 2005 | Jack Rose, Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band, and Pelt

Jack Rose heads to the West Coast, the Spiral Joy Band steers toward Kentucky, and both Jack and the Joy Band -- plus Patrick Best, to achieve the full Pelt lineup -- make plans for a Northeast swoop in a couple months. Jack's tour starts today and runs a couple weeks -- catch him before he heads back east, disappears to Europe again, etc. His new Kensington Blues album is out and is fantastic, plus there's those 78s in editions of four and a half or something. The Joy Band is venturing into Kentuck for the first time, hoping to pay the (suddenly more significant) cost of fuel with sales of a cdr of lots of old and new recordings featuring a bunch of lineups. These will be the first Joy Band recordings yet made available aside from a couple excerpts on a disc sent to Dan Presnell last spring. VHF will issue the Joy Band's first "proper" cd on Halloween. You can read Bill's description here: http://www.vhfrecords.com/catalog/94.htm The Lexington show is set to include a reprise of John Fail and Mike Gangloff's israj/esraj duet in Blacksburg last month, perhaps the first meeting of two such instruments, at least in their amped form, east of the Mississippi, or Ganges. And in November, it looks like the planned Jack/Joy swing of Northeast shows is morphing into a full Pelt excursion, the first since (untitled) came out. Details to follow. Specifics about all of this on the shows page -- --a;lskdjf