Spiral Joy Band "Searing Float", Pelt WUVT 7-inch

October 25, 2005 | Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band and Pelt

Debut Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band release just in advance of the first "proper" cd due out on Halloween from VHF. "Searing Float" is a cdr of duo, trio and quartet pieces recorded across three years in a variety of settings and with an array of instrumentation. Peak moment may be "Osmanthus," a 30+ minute epic that made up the end of one of the sprawling XYZ Gallery shows of a couple years back. This was the final set, and like many of the late-late-night portions of those marathons, was played to an audience of two, and eventually one. "Searing Float" has no overlap in material with the upcoming "Lullabies for Jeff Dean" VHF cd. Also new to the catalog (so new it hasn't been posted yet) is a surprise restock of a 7-inch that Virginia Tech student-run radio WUVT put out back in 1997 or something like that. It's a split between Pelt and Dave Jackson and originally came with a long-vanished issue of the station magazine. A box of the records turned up during a station house-cleaning and was graciously conveyed to us. We'll package them in left-over shotgun-art covers from the long out-of-print Pelt/Harry Pussy split, maybe with new additional decorations from Mike's children if they feel like it. Oh, the music on this thing: Pelt's side is one of the band's favorite recordings, the song "Monorail," taken from one of the shows Pelt played at the old Nyabinghi Dance Hall in Morgantown, W.Va., in 1996, and features, I think, Jack on organ and shenai, Patrick on bass resonator and loops, and Mike on guitar and maybe second shenai. Pelt will be carrying these on next month's trek to the Northeast; hopefully they won't last long.