Back from the Northeast, update on old and new recordings

November 30, 2005 | Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band and Pelt

Pelt's back from the Northeast as safe and basically unsound as ever, but with a greater appreciation for Bostonian (perhaps that should be Cambridgian) navigational skills ("good luck with that...") and perhaps a bit of hearing loss from night after night proximity to the big gongs. But what's a bit of dampened frequency response, given that it prompted Pelt's first onstage dancing since the Rake/Pelt horn jig of 1996? Jack and Patrick's shimmying in NYC will no doubt prove hard to burn from the memories of all who witnessed it. That and the incredible ambience of the Book Mill in Montague, MV's mighty late-night pipe, the Tibetan encounter in Cambridge, the Violent Students' onslaught in Philadelphia were all highlights. Thanks to all who came out to the shows and to the folks that helped put them on. We're (temporarily) out of Pelt's "(untitled)", though and should have plenty. And we're nearly out (down to four copies or less) of Pelt's album "burning/filament/rockets," which came out in 1995 on the Econogold label and documented the band's growing sense of freedom (= lots of distorted guitar and organ rampages) in the early days of the Patrick/Jack/Mike lineup. And we have a bunch of recently rediscovered Pelt/Soma 77 split 7-inchers, which was issued by WUVT-FM (Blacksburg, Va.) in 1997. The Pelt side is a slice of live action recorded in Morgantown, W.Va., and titled "Monorail." The Soma 77 side is a nice whoosh of loops and (unheavy) beats. We also have the new Spiral Joy Band releases: "Lullabies for Jeff Dean" (Vhf) and the "Searing Float" cdr. Coming soon, we hope: A double lp on Eclipse collecting various Pelt tracks from cdrs and other sources. Stay tuned...... --al;dkjf