The Lindy

February 21, 2006 | Pelt

Various odds and sods: Pelt's gearing up for next month's overseas stomp: agents negotiating tunings and what megaliths will be invoked; international drivers licenses and a European power supply being hunted; gongs and bowls and bells being wedged into every available piece of luggage; spare strings and reeds and rosin rolled in socks. Shows are planned in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and, we hope, Holland. Patrick has set up a site at where he may annotate the trek more or less as it happens. Jack of course has already crossed the ocean. Catch him at the dates listed on the shows page. As always, for more Jack info, check There's also a new Pelt tour cd that vhf is producing that should be out soon -- recording is taken from last November's show at the Knitting Factory. Pelt will be carrying them along and some also should be available eventually here or at Hope to see you there.