March 2, 2006 | Pelt

Pelt sets out today on its second-longest tour ever in 11 years of Jack/Patrick/Mike-dom, a 10-day, 10- or 11-show trek across Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium. Bowls are still being packed as I type, covers prepared for a special LP set, cloths wrappred around the fiddle and sruti boxes, etc. etc. etc. Jack, of course, is already in Europe, taking care of a few more shows in Italy while waiting for the rest of the band. There's various streaming video available of some of his recent Scotland shows, though I don't have the link handy just now. At press time, there was no show in Amsterdam, but email Christophe at the link shown in a message below if you have ideas. A book store/squat double-header seems to be shaping up in Paris -- check this site or Patrick's myspace spot for details as they become available. Hope to see you there --