Red Cabin debut, more

September 1, 2006 | Miscellaneous

The Red Cabin (new vox/handdrums/ac. guitar combo of Amy, Gregg, Winema and Nicole) plays its first show ever Saturday (Sept. 2) at Newport Fest on Virginia 42 in Newport, Va., an event that typically sports more acoustic fare until around nightfall, then heads toward the tents with various visions of musique cosmique. Red Cabin’s showtime is 3 p.m., I think. Also, sometime between dusk and true late night, Isak and Mike of the Black Twigs, along with Dr. Nathan on washboard, will be playing somewhere on the grounds – probably on the front porch which has been a conducive locale in the past. And the Spiral Joy Band ventures into Radford to play some sort of gallery opening show Sept. 14 at RU’s Flossie Martin venue. I think it starts at 5 p.m. and will run an hour or so. And finally, various members of the Black Twigs will be picking around the campground nighttimes at the Rockbridge Mountain Music and Dance festival in Buena Vista, Va., on Sept. 15-16. This isn’t a show as much as an invitation to come jam. Stop by and say hi.