Black Twigs on Friday, May 20

May 19, 2005 | Black Twig Pickers

The Black Twig Pickers, aka the Black Twigs, aka the Black Twig AstroMyth Serenaders, celebrate their new "Midnight Has Come and Gone" cd in high fashion this very Friday night at the Coffee Mill on East Main Street in Radford, Va. Come flatfoot around a little or sink deep in a couch and scratch your (metaphorical) beard at the wonder of it all. It's a three-band string extravaganza: Up first at 6 p.m. is the Radford duo Acoustic Country. Then the Twigs -- reunited with the studious Brother Isak -- start a first set shortly after 7, and uncork a second later in the evening. And between episodes, those Shawsville heroes/heroine the Thornton Family will work their two- or three-generational take on Sound Traditionale, featuring, it is hoped, the Dobrolic stylings of the Fort Vause String Shaker himself. Don't miss this rare appearance in a commercial establishment. Expect multiple fiddles, banjos, autoharps, dulcimers, at least one string bass and (so it's rumored, anyhow) a wandering mandolin, plus lots of solo, duo, trio and even full quartet yowling. Plus that 6-string guit-lute so popular in old-timey circles. To dip (spit can in hand) into the vernacular, It's a marvelous night for a moondance/don't you rock me Daddy-o. Hopefully folks'll be hopped up enough to dance some, and remember, the Coffee Mill keeps the java warm until closing time. (There's also talk of a Black Twigs session Saturday evening in Blacksburg, perhaps on Henderson Lawn.) --al;ksdjf

News from Jack

May 18, 2005 | Jack Rose

Hi Folks, ...thanks to everyone who made it out to the khyber on 5/6 for the show with Sir Richard Bishop and Bardo Pond, it was a hoot. I now finally have a website. Nothing fancy, just yer basic info with a few links, show schedule, discography and some reviews. More will probably be added later. Just as a reminder I have a DJ night over at Johnny Brenda's this mon from 9:30 til last call and it's free. I'll be playing some of my faves from the past 100 or so years of recorded music. Also there will be a show at Big Jar Books on the 6/11 with Dan Tien. After that not really sure if I'll be doing many shows this summer. There are tour plans for later this fall, nothing concrete yet, but they'll be posted on the site as soon as dates start firming up. I'll have a 7" under the Dr Ragtime name out this summer on the Sacred Harp Library out of UK, most likely coming out in late june. The "Kensington Blues" wax is being mastered right now and I'll have it for sale sometime in August. Hopefully I'll have a recording ready to go for the Time Lag 78" blues series within the coming weeks. Hope everyone is well, more later. Best, Jack

New addition to VHF roster

May 17, 2005 | Miscellaneous

This just in from VHF Records. Congratulations to Vicki, Bill, Dylan, Alex and the birds. Dylan's drama company has acquired a new player. -- aldkfj Dear underground rockers and friends, Announcing Julia Grace Kellum, born 8:47 AM May 4, 2005. 6 lbs 5 oz, blond/blue. Mom and baby are well, kids and dad coping fine. Baby has fine temperament and cosmic aura (cept' for the one pic where the boys made her cry). A few pix here: I'll scan and post her portrait from yesterday's visit to the Chuck E. Cheese sketch-o-matic soon as I can. love, Bill, Vicki, Alex, Dylan, and Julia

Black Twigs' New CD

April 28, 2005 | Black Twig Pickers

Midnight has Come and Gone is the third CD by this Southwest Virginia group, and is another set of classic old time, country blues, and Appalachian folk. Since 2003's Soon One Morning, the Black Twig trio of Mike Gangloff, Ralph Berrier, and Isak Howell has expanded to a quartet with the addition of bassist Mike Gayheart. Midnight Has Come and Gone is made up of mostly of original material, road tested at gigs and festivals along the Blue Ridge. Topical stormers like "Fire in the Stove" and "Blood Red Clay" are live staples, belted out here in a virtuoso hail of guitar, fiddle, banjo, and rough harmony. In contrast to the more trad sounding fare, the grungy and twisting "Bent Mountain Drag" recalls "Beggar's" era-Rolling Stones. Continuing the Black Twig tradition of beautiful instrumentals, "Twilight on the Radford Army Ammunition Plant" is another hymn-like meditation outside the showy-offy bluegrass tradition. "Original Natural Bridge Blues" is a song from 1941, which has been recorded in an incomplete fashion by many groups over the years. Ralph's discovery of the original 1940's sheet music in a family photo album (detailed in the liner notes) revealed a lost verse, presented here for the first time.

Germinate on Saturday

April 21, 2005 | Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band

Brothers and sisters, let me hear some revolution out there! I bring you a true testimonial: This Saturday afternoon, April 23, on Henderson Lawn in downtown Blacksburg, the WUVT Germinate Festival: 1:00 LaBianca 2:15 Inspector Yeti 2:45 300lb. Ghost 3:45 SPBXMPLFR 4:45 The Discordian Society 6:00 Hideki Tojo vs. Johnny Nofriends 7:00 Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band An unconfirmed rain date is making the rounds -- more on this perhaps if confirmation arrives (or is needed). It takes five seconds to make a decision... --a;ldksjf