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April 14, 2005 | Jack Rose

Hello everyone,      ...thanks to those of you who made it out  shows I did with Glenn and Harris.  Sorry about the cancellation of the CC, AR, JR show at Big Jar.  Here are some more shows coming up:   5/6-Philadlephia,  The Khyber Bardo Pond Rick Bishop Jack Rose Michael Columbia   5/23-Philadelphia, Johnny Brenda's 9:30-2:00 corner of Girard and Frankford -this night I'll be DJing and it's free.  I'll just be playing some of my favorite records and drinking.  If I'm drunk enough, expect some Baltimore club. 6/11-Philadelphia, Big Jar Books 55 N. 2nd 8 pm Brendan Jack Sutherland Jack Rose -this will be the start of a monthly music series at Big Jar Books.  Anyone on this list or if you know of anyone passing through town who wants a show please get in touch with me for booking.  Also, I've just finished my new record and hopefully it should be out in August via vhf and beautiful happiness in the uk.  The wax will be coming out on the revived Tequila Sunrise label.  Most likely one of those 180 gram, silkscreened, ed. of 500 deals.  It's called "Kensington Blues" and finally there is RAGTIME on the record.  Bout fuckin' time.  Thanks. Best, Jack

Reawakening the site

March 8, 2005 | Miscellaneous

hey all -- hopefully this is the beginning of far more frequent updates to the site. Stay tuned for notes on upcoming and re-pressed (as opposed to the no-hypen repressed, eh?) releases, upcoming shows set for later this month and in April, etc. In the meantime, let's see if this posts -- --adkfdkjf

Upcoming Jack Rose gigs

January 31, 2005 | Jack Rose

Hello friends, I've got some gigs coming up in the Northeast area, hope some of you can make it to at least one. 2/8/05-Philadelphia, The Khyber w/Nick Castro, Feathers, Meg Baird and Helena Espoval Duo 9 pm 8 bux 2/23/04-Philadelphia, Standard Tap-I'll be playing an hour of music, then DJing the rest of the night.  I'll be playing records mostly from my blues, old time, cajun, bluegrass and jass collection. 8 pm free corner of Poplar and 2nd *my earnings will largely depend on yr thirst for alcoholic beverages, so drink up motherfuckers 3/4/05-Mahattan Room w/Sharron Kraus-Sharron gets back from her long sojourn in the UK. corner of frankford and Girard 9 pm?  $$? 3/26-Washington D.C.-611 Florida ave Claevius productions w/Mikel Demmick Joy Band, PG Six and Harris Newman donations 3/28-Baltimore True Vine Records w/Harris Newman, Glenn Jones donations 3/29-Philadelphia Brooke's Salon Series 2037 Frankford w/Harris Newman, Glenn Jones donations 4/7-Philadlelphia Big Jar Books 55 N. 2nd w/Christina Carter donations Also, I may have a few copies of the new 3LP comp put out by Eclipse and Timelag for sale at the gigs.  "You Shall know the Roots by it's Fruits" features Fursaxa, Six Organs of Admittance, Dredd Foole, Joshua and MV/EE/CC, Ed. of 1000.  Thanks and take care. Best, Jack

Review of Jack's "Raag Manifestos"

December 8, 2004 | Jack Rose

From Gerald Van Waes at Jack Rose : Raag Manifestos (US,2004)***** The music is played as if meant for delivering a kind of 'raga manifesto' for acoustic guitar, directing and pointing all energy in that direction. With a kind of strumming drone effect, with fingerpicking evolution and some intertangling evolution, Jack Rose plays on a few tracks with more energy, and perhaps some aggression compared with what I heard before. This can be heard on "Black Pearls From The River", a track amongst more relaxed moments. Also on "Hart Crane's Old Boyfriends" he's almost "attacking" the guitar strings, creating a denser atmosphere, moving towards an almost out of control meta-acting / directing towards other dimensional realms, by creating an extra drone-like brooding energy, leaving behind some additional drones and echo, which is boozed up by Ian Nagoski's electronica-production work (-this guy is known for his minimal texture solo releases-). "Tower Of Babel" and "Road" on the other hand are welcome-at-the-right time, and work as contra-impulses, with pure acoustic finger-picking raga which was track recorded live. One more track, "Crossing the Great Waters" has also tabla added by Eric Carbonara. Last track, "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord" is a fine closer, in a calm, and this time, a more bluesy American styled mode. The CD was published in a limited edition. It was difficult to obtain this, because when I ordered it (in Europe) as soon as it came out, after many weeks of waiting, I was told it was sold out or deleted. Luckily I could still find my copy through some distributor on the net. Highly recommended.

This Saturday, Dec. 4

November 30, 2004 | Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band

The music of fire and floes, incinerator wheel and white fang, Harry Truman and Ernest Shackleton, performed this Saturday at the Plop House by Suchard and the Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band. 10 p.m. Likely a request for some minor sting of your wallet to lighten the purchase of more and larger gongs. Celebration of new metal, requiem for lost seasons,