Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro - "Polar Satellites" now in stock

August 12, 2013 | Nathan Bowles

Small polarsatellites As the dog days of summer play out and autumn draws nearer, what better way to prepare for the longer nights ahead than with this doomy slab of percussive boo from Nathan & Scott?  LP now available here.

Klang Dot Org on App Dot Net

July 18, 2013 | Klang (ADN for short) is a relatively new service, somewhat similar to Twitter, but taking a different, more member-friendly approach. Right now, it has a small user base; we think it's an idea worth supporting, and so are going to try and help colonize it.

You can now follow Klang on You can also sign up for a free account using this link: (if you choose, you can pay for a more fully-featured account later, but if all you want to do is follow us and maybe a few other people, the free account suffices.)

And, as always, you can follow Klang on Twitter, and although there is not (yet) an official Klang presence on Facebook, there are pages for Pelt, Black Twigs and SJB as well as an active unofficial Klang fan club.

2nd pressing of Pelt's 'Effigy' in stock

June 30, 2013 | Pelt

Small peltrepresscover

Head over to the products page (or click the image in our 'featured' spot on the left there) to grip the 2nd ltd. pressing of 'Effigy': now with a slightly alterened color scheme of Jake Blanchard's singular artwork.  We don't have too many of these; dilly/dally at yr own risk !

Poplar Hollow

March 25, 2013 | Mike & Cara Gangloff

Small cover

Mike Gangloff gathers up a round of fiddle scrape and banjo plunk, seasons with a few dashes of shruti box and stirs with a couple vocal workouts for "Poplar Hollow," his first solo collection since the occasional home recording batches of a decade ago. It's a droning, sometimes lilting, sometimes careening late-night walk down a bumpy mountainside path, and a report from the ongoing blurring of old-time into the eternal now. Jake Blanchard steps in with masterful cover art, and ace recordist Joe Dejarnette captures each burr and knell.

Rough Carpenters official release

February 18, 2013 | Black Twig Pickers

Black Twig Pickers' newest and best (in our humble opinion, anyhow) album yet, "Rough Carpenters," is at last officially available here on LP (with download coupon) and CD. (And over here as an official stand-alone download.) Big thanks to everyone who's picked up early copies at shows or pre-ordered from us or over at Thrill Jockey, where they're running a bunch of Black Twig bundle special offers that you may want to examine.

Charging from wiry fiddle dirge to full-on dance-floor ruckus, with nods to the many shadings between, "Rough Carpenters" was recorded at Joe Dejarnette's in Floyd County, Va., and features cover art by our own Sally Anne Morgan. Proudly homemade, hand-drawn and heartfelt, and we're sure not complaining about how the BBC described it: "An infectious blend of exuberance and joy ... unquestionably the group's smoothest ride yet."